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Lighting has been responsible to dictate the patterns of life and architecture since the inception of mankind. At ECC International, we perceive vibrant opportunities in the spaces between darkness and light. Our innovative and specific lighting designs create inspiring architectural environments that encourage people and businesses to flourish.


Design phases consist of below stages:

Concept Design Phase

Every project concept carefully considers the experience we create for people alongside functionality, the practical considerations of costs, ease of Maintenance and the sustainability of design.

Design Development Phase

During this stage all the existing lighting documents are further refined and developed. Design development turns conceptual ideas into design details and suggestions for lighting equipment and material finishes.

Construction/Documentation Phase

This stage is responsible for the finalization of the complete lighting packages which consists of lighting layouts, specifications, BOQ’s, Load Schedules, control schedules, vendor lists and final budgets for the procurement of the lighting systems.

Site Coordination / Mockup

In this stage our team supports the construction team, including coordination and installation issues. Through continuous evaluation and assisting commissioning and focusing of the light fixtures we ensure timely and successful delivery of the lighting concept.


Facade lighting solutions shape a building’s architecture and accentuate details in multifaceted manner by directing light very precisely. An intelligent, resource-saving combination of façade lighting meets functional and aesthetic requirements, creates new urban spaces and lends a unique quality to architecture at night. Illuminated architecture shapes a townscape and gives it a personality. It enhances the cultural value and attractiveness of a project.


Landscape lighting has a big impact on beautification of your garden and outdoor areas. Our aim is to find the best solution to your exterior environment which add value to your surroundings. At the same time, it gives sense of security with usability of the area.


Day-lighting, or using sunlight to illuminate your building is an effective way to both decrease your building’s energy use and make the interior environment more comfortable for people. With increasing energy costs and an increasing number of green-building certifications across globe, daylight studies have become invaluable tool to forecast daylight ingress in buildings, in order to plan harvesting studies and develop lighting control strategies.


The first step to a successful lighting upgrade is the lighting survey or audit. The purpose of an audit is to assess the existing conditions and enable a comparison to be made with proposed upgrades. Lighting audit is an important step in understanding the current lighting energy costs which in turn can be utilized to plan and engineer an efficient lighting scenario.

On the completion of the analysis, the technical auditors will compare the variable and fixed costs of the old and new configurations. The final report which includes overall financial & technical summary, ROI and overall payback period will have our recommendations to comply the international standard of light levels according to the requirement of the application while considering the efficiency of the lighting systems at the same time.