Lighting has been responsible to dictate the patterns of life and architecture since the inception of mankind. At ECC International, we perceive vibrant opportunities in the spaces between darkness and light. Our innovative and specific lighting designs create inspiring architectural environments that encourage people and businesses to flourish.


In this age when virtually all kinds of lighting fixtures are available to everyone, our supply solutions can be trusted to deliver the correct lighting systems to the project while keeping in consideration the variables of challenging budgets at the same time. We believe in lighting as a passion to us and therefore try our level best to portray this passion on the canvas of your project.


  • Project Initialization
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Documentation
  • Procurement
  • Installation

Project introductory meetings with all Stakeholders i.e. Clients, Architects, and Consultants, in order to understand Project requirements, Architectural concepts, Budgets & Timelines.

Brief design concept to project stake holders(Architects/ Interior Designers/ Consultants/ Clients)and communicate the generalized Design theory by utilizing reporting tools (3D visualizations/ Electrical Schedules / Design Schematics).

On the successful completion of the Concept Design phase, we prepare detailed designs comprised of schematic and riser diagrams, 3D modelling for required areas, Lux level calculations, Electrical systems layouts and markings, material schedule, pricing for materials etc.

Prepare final documentation for construction which includes coordinated Electrical system layouts, final schematic and riser diagrams, equipment schedule, detailed BOQ and specifications and final budgets for approval.

Procurement of material as per project requirements, specifications and approved budgets. Prepare detailed product submittal which includes detailed product specifications to be supplied, timeline and supply schedule.

Our professional technicians take care all kind of site coordination and do the installation as per the scope. All systems shall be ensured to work properly and meet the Client requirement and satisfaction at its best. It is also ensuring at all stages that the working environment should meet all the safety and professional requirements.